"Happy cows make better beef"
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Coming Soon,< Eastern River Farm Stand

Opening June, 2016
Route 27, in Beautiful Dresden
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Where to find us
Crystal Springs Farmers' Mkt
Pleasant Hill Rd, Brunswick
Saturdays 8:30 to 12:30

Brunswick Indoor Winter Mkt
At Fort Andross
Maine St, Brunswick
Saturday 9:00 to 12:30
Brunswick Winter Market

At our farm
29 Hunter Rd. Dresden, ME
By appointment ...just call
Call: 737-6177

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you use antibiotics or growth hormones? No, never! Our animals lead a completely natural life, never confined to small spaces, eliminating the need for antibiotics. At ERCC our animals grow the natural way; clean water, clean air, and plenty of clover pasture.
  2. Do you feed corn? No, our cattle are raised on pasture and locally grown hay for fifteen to sixteen months and then we finish them by adding non GMO barley to their diet for two months prior to harvesting.
  3. Do you keep your veal calves in a box? No, our calves also lead a natural life. They stay with their mothers their entire lives (free to roam in the pasture) and are processed when they reach 300 pounds live weight.
  4. Where are your animals processed? All of our animals are processed at Bubier’s Meats in Greene. They are a State of Maine inspected processing plant.
  5. Tillly, a cow, and Jeff

    Tillly, a cow, and Jeff

    Does your dog Tilly help with the cattle? Yes, she does. Normally, moving the cows on a daily basis is very routine, but occasionally she has to show them that she is large and in charge.
  6. Do you ship meat? Unfortunately no, we have found that it is very expensive to buy boxes, dry ice and then pay for overnight shipping.
  7. Do you sell meat by the side? You bet we do! Call 737-6177 for pricing and availability.
  8. Do you sell wholesale? Yes we do. We service many fine restaurants in the mid coast area.
  9. Do you accept credit cards? Absolutely, we have found that many of our customers prefer the convenience of paying with a card.